Coffee Attributes Guide


Our coffees are graded from 1-5 with 1 being very mild and 5 being very strong. As all Espresso coffees are by their very nature strong and dark roasted they are rated E which means Espresso strength or Espresso roast.


Acidity is a term used to describe coffee similarly to how dryness is used to describe wine. It is not referring to a pH level, acidity is in fact favourable and gives coffee a slight point – you can sense it on the front of your tongue. It is often associated with tasting notes such as sweet, sharp, citrus or fruit.


Body gives an indication of how well rounded a coffee is – the feel of the coffee on the tongue. Blends tend to have a lot of body as different flavour profiles are put together to bring about a variety of tastes that can be sensed all over the mouth. A coffee’s body can range from light to full or even syrupy and is also affected by region and brewing method.

Roast rating

The longer the beans are roasted for the darker they get and the more oils break to the surface developing different tastes. A lighter roast will typically be light bodied and higher in acidity, as it moves to medium it will develop sweetness and more body, and as it progressively gets darker spicy, dark chocolate notes will develop bringing more developed body and intensity.

Pack Sizes

All of our coffees are packed in convenient sized foils to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. As a guide here are some of the packet sizes that we offer and the equipment that they’re ideally suited to:

Packet size Type of coffee Type of equipment
1k Beans Grinder
225g Cafetiere Scoop Out Cafetiere
200g Filter Bulk Brew
150g Filter Bulk Brew
70g Filter Single Airpot Thermos Filter Airpot
55g Filter Single Jug Twin Hotplate Filter
40g Filter Single Jug Single Hotplate Filter
20g Cafetiere Single Portion 4 Cup Cafetiere (or multiple)
15g Cafetiere Single Portion 3 Cup Cafetiere (or multiple)
7g Espresso ground Espresso machine