Are you ready for the Summer?

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With a small selection of MONIN products, like the package above, you can offer endless different hot and cold choices to your customers this summer.

We have a whole range of syrups and sauces for you to choose from, with quick and easy recipes to follow in the coming weeks so keep checking your emails.

Summer Frappes

Just 1 scoop of the Le Frappe de MONIN Vanilla plus 30ml of any syrup, add milk, blend then serve

It’s that easy…

Coffee Frappes

Make a Summer Frappe and add a cool espresso before blending. Add dark chocolate sauce to give it that little bit extra

  Simple, but very tasty…

Iced Teas

Add one pump of any MONIN syrup to 160ml of tea, add ice, shake and serve


If you want advice on syrups, frappes or sauces from the Monin range then call the team on 01756 794811