Lovely little Coffee Bags

15 and 30

We are delighted to announce our new single portion coffee bags. Inside each little coffee bag is a perfect portion of Coffee Care’s popular Three Peaks Blend – 100% Arabica speciality coffee from Central and South America and Kenya.

These lovely little coffee bags have been developed to enable coffee lovers to enjoy speciality coffee no matter where they are…at home, walking, camping or even on holidays. They provide an ideal solution for speciality coffee to be appreciated without the mess or fuss of cafetieres or other brewing equipment.

The packaging is clear and informative, with tasting notes, origin information and a step by step instruction guide on how to experience the coffee bags at their absolute best. The re-sealable packets have a valve to keep out oxygen and ensure optimum freshness.

These coffee bags are perfect, for farm shops, delis, cafes or any number of businesses, to sell to their customers. They come in packets of either 15 or 30 bags and are also available on Amazon. .

On theDecaf dispenser back of launching our coffee bags in retail packets, we can now offer individually foil wrapped coffee bags. There are two options, Three Peaks Blend, a beautiful all day coffee and Deliciously Decaf, a decaffeinated coffee, making a perfect pair for guest rooms and areas where single portion service is required.

The foil has clear instructions on how to best brew the coffee, resulting in offering a high grade coffee without the need for cafetieres or other brewing equipment.

With the retail range now consisting of 26 different coffees including the Coffee Bags, 3 and 1 Star Great Taste Award Winners, Espresso, Whole Beans and Ground Coffee, there is something for everyone.

If you would like further information about coffee bags or our retail range, contact us on 01756 794811 or email