Coming Soon – New boxes of Birchall Teas

New Product Launch – Birchall Prism Tea Bags

Coffee Care are now stocking these new beautiful boxes of 15 prism tea bags from Birchall.

Birchall have performed some research on their boxes of 20 prism tagged tea bags and have come to the conclusion that customers would prefer these teas if they were in slightly smaller boxes.

The style of the boxes will now be thinner and taller, containing 15 tea bags instead of 20.

Full Range copy

Same range available but in boxes of 15 teabags instead of 20.

The Prism Tea Bags release the full flavour of Birchall’s finely cultivated loose-leaf tea. The distinct shape of the Prism Tea Bags and unique biodegradable mesh netting allows for the purest infusion. It truly is a perfect pick in a perfect bag.

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