Our Kochere Yirgacheffe coffee is a 3 Star Great Taste winner

Last month we had the opportunity to go to the Great Taste Golden Fork Awards at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London. It was a fabulous night, from the location, glitz and glamour to the amazing Great Taste food and drink we devoured. There were awards galore and it was fantastic to see so many people in one place dedicated to bringing quality to the food and drink industry.

Out of 10,000 products to be judged, only 141 were awarded 3-star status this year and our Kochere Yirgacheffe Ethiopian coffee beans were one of these – we are over the moon.



The Great Taste Judges commented about our Kochere Yirgacheffe: “Light, even roast with a good aroma. Fruit, honey, floral – yes, they are all there. A clean, balanced drink that left us wanting another taste. As an espresso shot – brilliant – and with milk – terrific.” 



Our Ethiopian coffee is from the Kochere Mill, Yirgacheffe. It is notable for its floral, honey notes, syrupy mouthfeel and hints of cherry and passionfruit. It is available in our newly designed resealable retail packets that allow air to escape but do not let oxygen in – keeping the coffee as fresh as possible after opening. On the back of the packet is a speciality guide to help the consumer better understand tasting notes and inform them how best to grind the coffee in order for it to achieve its full potential.

This has been an amazing year for us at Coffee Care. We think our Kochere Yirgacheffe coffee is exquisite and awards just don’t get more prestigious than 3 stars from the tough audience put together by the Great Taste Team. This is on the back of having just been awarded Editor’s Choice at The Harrogate Speciality Fine Food Show for our Guatemalan Maragogype retail packs – selected for their taste and great packaging. We can now add these to our 1 Star Great Taste El Salvador Monte Sion Estate filter and cafetiere coffee which we attained in 2014. We’re obviously delighted to see our hard work and commitment to quality being appreciated in this way.

If you would like to serve, sell or try any of these coffees then please contact the office on 01756 794811 or email sales@coffeecare.co.uk


















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Interesting facts about Great Taste

Since 1994 Great Taste has been discovering exceptional food and drink and making sure that other people know about them. More than 100,000 products have been judged by Great Taste over those years, blind tasted by expert judges who discuss the merits of each product in their search for those that deserve to be championed and garnered with the Great Taste logo. The judges are made up of top chefs, restaurateurs and people who run delis and farm shops, top food hall and retail buyers, acclaimed cooks, food writers and journalists, jam and cake experts from the WI, cheese makers and farmers. This diverse mix of judges ensures that every product is judged fairly and that nothing can slip through the net.