Story behind our Mysore coffee


Our Mysore coffee is grown on the family-owned Badra Estate in
the Chickmagalur area of South-West India and comes as whole
beans in kilo bags. This Indian coffee is renowned for its smooth,
creamy and slightly vanilla-tasting characteristics.

The estate is spread over about 1600 acres with one third Arabica
plants and two thirds Robusta. These Arabica plants are grown at
high altitudes of 3650ft to 4650ft.

The crops here are shaded by towering Silver Oak trees and
drooping branchlets from the Ficus trees. When coffee is
shade-grown, the cherry ripens slowly so developing a more complex and
full flavour.

The Badra Estate have their own roasting unit where they roast and
grind their own coffee. They have a lovely coffee shop called The
Badra Stop where you can sample some of their coffees.

The harvest period for our Arabica Mysore is around December to
March with only ripe fruits being hand-picked. Hessian sacks are
filled and stored in the shade until they’re ready to be sent to the
pulp house.

At the estate they have two processing methods, one of which is
washed coffee. The ripe cherries are carefully picked then after
pulping, the coffee is fermented for 18-24 hours for Arabica or 36-40
hours for Robusta. The beans are then manually washed and
soaked under water for 2-4 hours then dried on trays, bagged
up and left to rest for a minimum of 25 days before being shipped.
This is the process we use for our Mysore coffee.

The other process is called whole crop cherry where only the ripe
fruits are picked again, dried on a patio and raked to avoid
fermentation. Again these are bagged up and left to rest for a
minimum of 25 days before being shipped.

At the Badra Estate you could bump into an Indian Gaur,
Elephants, Leopards and Tigers. You may hear Woodpeckers or
see beautifully coloured Sun Birds.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled if you decide to visit!