Our Service

A Yorkshire coffee supplier, trade and wholesale – If you’re looking for retail see our amazon page.

a great cup of coffee really can change your outlook on life…

Customer service goes hand in hand with a quality product so Coffee Care does everything it can to support customers through training, advice, a dedicated order and delivery service and a friendly team on hand who can deal with individual requests for sales, marketing, accounts or technical information.

At Coffee Care we appreciate the difference a good cup of coffee can make to your customer’s day and their relationship with your business.  We all know the effect a bad cup of coffee can have, a customer won’t come back for more or it’s the last memory of a special meal, right before they pay the bill!

We only sell the finest quality coffees and teas and when you see what each cup costs it’s obvious that there’s no need to compromise on quality.  It’s important to us too that your customer gets the best, so we will support you with equipment, training, knowledge and expertise acquired from providing quality for 30 years.

we offer…

  • an extensive range of over 40 freshly roasted single origin and uniquely blended coffees from some of the world’s finest estates;
  • coffee packed in an advanced and energy efficient roasting and packing facility to ensure its quality remains at its highest ;
  • speciality teas, from a beautiful choice of loose leaf teas and tisanes to fine quality catering teabags;
  • complementary products such as biscuits, sugars and whiteners;
  • accessories that come in really handy, such as take-away cups and holders, coffee cups and saucers or extra filter papers;
  • equipment to suit every budget, from free loan filter machines to top of the range bean to cup and espresso machines;
  • barista goodies – the nick nacks a keen barista might want to help them perfect their skills, from foaming and belly jugs to shot glasses and thermometers;
  • barista training is available at introductory level for free, but there’s also Coffee Care certified general training for any new barista or for the most eager fully certified City and Guilds VRQ training;
  • technical support for machine installations, services or those times when your equipment just doesn’t cut the mustard!

reliable delivery service

You can order your goods from Coffee Care in three ways –
We will call you either once a fortnight or once a month, whichever works best for you, to take your order and make sure you don’t run out of stock. Your goods will then be delivered to you free of charge (on orders over £35) by our own drivers giving you a more personal service and allowing you to benefit from our discount delivery scheme. This system works well, it keeps us in touch with our customers and it keeps our delivery costs down so that we can absorb them rather than pass them on.
You can call us if you want to order on an ad hoc basis or if you’re out of our delivery area that’s not a problem, if you call before 14:00 we will ensure you get your delivery the next day. We will send any order over £45 free of charge, however, if it’s less there’s a carriage fee £6.50.
And alternatively you can always call in to our offices to see us and collect your order – if you call in advance we’ll have it waiting for you.

delivery area

Customers who are within our local delivery area will usually receive deliveries from our own team. Our deliveries include most of the North of England above the M62 – so mainly North and West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. To check if you’re in our area call the office who will be able to let you know. Of course if you are not in our standard delivery area we can still get deliveries to you by our regular carrier service.

personal touch

In addition to having our own drivers and delivery service we also have our own technical support to assist with repairs, breakdowns, services and installations. This allows us to build a technical history for your equipment giving us valuable knowledge so that we can respond as best as possible to your requests.
We also have a friendly and knowledgeable team constantly on the road who will keep in touch with you and help out with any training or queries you may have. As independent suppliers we can offer impartial and practical advice on a vast range of equipment and products.

keeping the costs down…

  • If we can pass savings on to our customers we do!
  • Free deliveries for orders over £35 delivered on our regular delivery run;
  • Single and twin hotplate filter machines on free loan provided you buy 10 cases of coffee a year;
  • 5% discount when you pay on delivery;
  • Multiple case rates so that the more coffee you buy the bigger the discount you receive;
  • A free case of filter coffee is included every time you order 6 cases of filter coffee;
  • If you have charity status or are a registered non profit making organisation we give you an additional 5% discount off any order placed that includes coffee;
  • Discounted customer rates for technical support and machine purchases; and
  • 25% customer discount off any training scheduled through our training centre.

packaged to make life easier…

All of our coffees are packed in convenient sized foils to ensure optimum freshness and convenience.  As a guide here are some of the packet sizes that we offer and the equipment that they’re ideally suited to:

Packet size Type of coffee Type of equipment
1k Beans Grinder
225g Cafetiere Scoop Out Cafetiere
200g Filter Bulk Brew
150g Filter Bulk Brew
70g Filter Single Airpot Thermos Filter Airpot
55g Filter Single Jug Twin Hotplate Filter
40g Filter Single Jug Single Hotplate Filter
20g Cafetiere Single Portion 4 Cup Cafetiere (or multiple)
15g Cafetiere Single Portion 3 Cup Cafetiere (or multiple)
7g Espresso ground Espresso machine

Ask one of the team for our current prices.

knowledge and networks…

We also understand the importance of keeping up to date with industry trends, new fads (welcome ‘flat white’!) and news.  As founding members of the Beverage Standards Association and with our own Sales Director standing as Chairman for the northern region we have networks and information at our fingertips, from coffee industry market reports to where your nearest barista championships are being held. And what’s more if you have views you want to share at a local and national level we can help.