Kenya Peaberry
Kenya Peaberry

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Coffee Description

Kenya Peaberry is said to contain all the best flavours of Kenyan coffee; fine quality with citrus acidity, slight fruitiness and a light malty finish when milk is added. The coffee gets its name from the joined appearance of the bean which produces a ‘peaberry’ effect. The peaberries are individually sorted to produce the finest Kenya Peaberry coffee.


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Roast Level – Light

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Guaranteed Quality

Quality Arabica coffee is grown in the temperate belt 1,000 miles either side of the Equator and at altitudes above 1,000 metres where the soil is rich, the temperature is mild, with frequent rain and shaded sun. At Coffee Care our coffees are sourced from the very best of the crop each harvest season. Our beans are then expertly roasted to provide a consistently high quality cup of the very finest unique blends and single origin coffees from around the world.

Different areas of the world have different grading systems, for example in Kenya they use the AA, AB, AC system, so the Kenya we supply is AA. We also source a Central or South American grade of coffee known as Strictly High Grown or Strictly Hard Bean. This means that the Arabica beans we supply from these areas as both blends and single origin are known as Speciality Grade – they are guaranteed to grow at altitudes above 4,000 feet and have a greater density. As a result, the beans are bigger, bolder and roast more evenly.