Our Story

How it all started

Coffee Care was founded on something very special – one man’s palate and desire to share indulgent quality.  Created in 1983 by Hoteliers Rennick and Christine Hodgson, they wanted to share their ambition to enjoy good quality coffee wherever they went.  Now, joined by the second generation of family and surrounded by a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals, Coffee Care continues to grow in size, expertise and the desire to savour and share good coffee!

Back then

The 80s provided quite a different market place for coffee than the espresso led industry of today.  However, some things have not changed as Coffee Care’s ethos was always to supply and blend the finest coffees using knowledge and experience to make quality accessible to all.

Creating blends

Our collection of blends has been carefully tasted and tweaked to provide for a variety of preferences, and all equally satisfying.  They are composed of the finest quality arabicas to produce a unique choice that varies in acidity, roast, body and strength.
In fact today we still supply five original coffee blends from when the company was created because they remain popular and affordable – American Blend, Aroma Special Roast, Three Peaks, Viennese Supreme and Westmorland.
 Now, of course, our coffee range has expanded and also includes several blends that have been created specifically for espresso.

Overall package

Our coffee range is available as whole beans but is also ground for filter, espresso, cafetiere and retail.   To back this up we also have excellent longstanding relationships with equipment manufacturers to provide an array of machines, boilers and grinders along with all the necessary barista training and technical support required.  Added to this we have an assortment of speciality teas and all the complementary items you might need.

Confidence in the quality

We work with only reputable sources to ensure that all of our coffees are responsibly selected from the very best of the crop.  Our beans are then expertly roasted to achieve perfect results. 

The team

Coffee Care is represented by a friendly and passionate team of people dedicated to demonstrating the benefits of choosing high quality coffees and teas.  Why?  Because customers prefer a really good cup over a mediocre or bad one!  As great quality coffees or teas are relatively inexpensive in the cup why settle for less?  Our desire to provide a personal level of service also ensures we are flexible and our strong family run ethics support this attitude, ensuring each customer feels as valued as the next.
Rennick and Christine are still very much a part of the business and in addition Rennick is one of the founding members of, and currently Northern Chairman for, the Beverage Standards Association (BSA), representing the beverage service industry in the North of England.

Where are Coffee Care and its customers?

Based at the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, Coffee Care is ideally placed to serve its customers in North and West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria.  It operates from Millfields Hall, an old mill school built in 1853, which is a fabulous old building, if a little chilly in winter! With the offices, warehouse and training centre at one end of the building, The Coffee House is set at the other, supplying coffees and teas direct to the general public and showcasing what Coffee Care has to offer to its own customers.