At Coffee Care we specialise in blending coffees from all around the world,  as well as combining different roast colours to bring out the best from the beans. By bringing these different elements together we can take opposing tastes from single origins or roast levels and combine them to create a smooth and unified taste that on their own they couldn’t achieve. All of our filter and cafetiere blends are composed of the finest quality Arabica’s to produce a unique range that varies in acidity, roast, body and strength.

Blending for Espresso

As with all our blends, we aim to bring about different characteristics from different regions of the world to create great depth and flavour, one that in this case is suited to the high pressure mode of extraction.

Unlike all the other coffees that we supply at Coffee Care, which are 100% Arabica, most of our espresso blends have Robusta added. Contrary to popular belief that all Robusta is bad and Arabica good, adding Robusta to Espresso Blends adds three very important positives – body, crema and forgiveness!

The acidity in Arabica can be accentuated through the pressure forced through it by an espresso machine so Robusta plays an important role in combatting this, but has other advantages too: it increases body and adds to the crema which serves as a heat sealing cap on a shot of espresso. Finally it makes the job of the barista much easier as the corridor for hitting the sweet spot is much wider than on 100% Arabica blends.

The Robusta we use is big and bold, which in coffee terms ensures that our quality is not compromised in any way.