As an independent business we are ideally placed to develop good relationships with many machine manufacturers which allows us to source the right equipment to suit your needs. If what you want is not on this list then contact us as we can source most types of equipment or recommend others.

1. Espresso Machines & Accessories

Coffee Care has been supplying machines from the Crem International range for many years and find them popular and reliable. Finding the right machine is not always easy so we can provide all the advice and support you need to select the machine that best suits your needs, along with the relevant essentials and accessories. We install, to ensure everything runs smoothly, and provide barista training on drink building and machine care making getting a new espresso machine as stress free as possible. We also hold many of their spare parts in our own stock ensuring services and repairs are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

a) Where style matters...

b) Where image matters...

c) Where versatility matters...

d) Where budget matters...

e) Barista Essentials

f) Espresso Accessories

g) Espresso Cleaners

2. Bean to Cup Range of Machines & Accessories

a) Bean to Cup

Demand for fresh coffee is increasing all the time in the UK but it isn’t always convenient to run a traditional espresso machine and train staff in barista skills. This is where we find Jura provide a great alternative as their machines look good, run well and are easy to use. Able to closely replicate a traditional espresso machine, Jura offer a range of equipment that can make drinks directly from freshly ground beans.

b) Bean to Cup Hybrid

Crem again produce excellent machines combining all the benefits of fresh beans with the ease of push buttons and instant ingredients.

c) Bean to Cup Essentials

3. Filter Machines & Accessories

a) Filter Machines

We provide single and twin hotplate filter equipment on free loan as we believe there is no better way to bring out the best in your coffee. The Serving Concept offers a range of options for providing fresh filter coffee quickly and easily in larger quantities. We do also offer deals on larger equipment, accessories and replacement parts so if you can’t see what you need here get in touch.

b) Filter Machine Essentials

4. Hot Water Boilers for water on tap

Hot Water Boilers

Quite often the hot water facility on Coffee Machines is not sufficient for the amount of hot water needed for teas and other use. For this reason we also supply a very adaptable hot water boiler from the Coffee Queen range

5. Range of Cafetieres


Watching the grounds swirl around in a cafetiere before finally savouring the coffee adds a little element of luxury to the proceedings. We offer a range of cafetieres and replacement parts so contact us if you can’t see what you need here.

6. The Humble Teapot


You can’t beat the ceremony of the humble teapot so if you want to enjoy our loose leaf teas and tisanes we offer a number of options and replacement parts.