Cuban Crystal Mountain Micro Lot

Our first guest Microlot of 2013 has arrived and we think it’s really special.  Grown in the heart of the Cuban Escambray mountains in the micro-region of El Sopapo-Cuatro Vientos this bean is characterised by an unusual combination of a highly intense aroma with an elegant, delicate sweetness and smooth creamy body.

This Arabica coffee is harvested from November to January and is fully washed.  The name is derived from the soils that the coffee grows in which are rich in mica and quartz crystals.  It is the characteristics of this soil, comined with the mild climate and frequent rains, that form an ideal microclimate for growing this rare and outstanding coffee.

If you would like to try it by the cup call in to our Coffee House, next door to Coffee Care, where it is also available to buy in small quantities to take home.  If you want us to grind it for you just ask!