Micro-lot of Coffee

Coffee Care is proud to announce that with the New Year comes our new range of limited availability Micro-lot coffees – featuring in our Coffee House this month: Cuban Serrano.

‘Micro-lot’ coffees have become popular due to their high quality, exclusivity and provenance (traceability).  Our Training Manager, Andrew, explains; “Availability is limited for these lots as the ‘best’ beans are selected from a crop on a particular farm and once they’re gone – they’re gone!  We’re in a fortunate position whereby we can access these ‘lots’ and will be selling limited batches to customers from next year.”

If you’re interested keep checking our Facebook, Twitter or website news pages to find out what’s available.

In the meantime, to celebrate Christmas we’ve currently got a limited supply of Cuban Serrano coffee in our specialist Coffee House, next door to our office in Skipton – so why not pop round and give it a try?

This batch offers a clean tasting coffee with medium body and a lower acidity than other beans from similarly central altitudes.  It has a gentle, rounded, nutty flavour, typical of cuban coffees.