The Delicious Kokoa Collection!

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Kokoa Collection is prepared using portion tablets of real chocolate for a perfect hot chocolate every time. Five award winning hot chocolates in varying cocoa percentages. Each variety is made with chocolate sourced from a single origin with its own distinct character.

White, Ivory Coast 

Ivory Coast is a delicious white hot chocolate, sweet and creamy with natural vanilla from Madagascar. Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa beans globally. The white hot chocolate contains cocoa butter from the forastero beans for a smooth creamy texture. Only natural vanilla is used in production for a delicious flavour that was recognised with a Silver Award by the Academy of Chocolate!


VenSmooth, Venezuela 58%

Venezuela is a light hot chocolate with 58 per cent cocoa, light and sweet with fruity notes. The Venezuelan cocoa used for this hot chocolate is a mix of two varieties criollo and trinitario beans. They are selected from three quite beautiful regions – Sucre, Sur de Lago & Barlovento. Acadamy of Chocolate, Bronze Award winner.


eqClassic, Ecuador 70%

Ecuador is a delicate hot chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa. With a perfectly balanced flavour it has floral notes. For many Ecuador produces the best chocolate in the world. Arriba Nacional beans have been selected for this hot chocolate. At 70 per cent it is perfectly balanced bittersweet where the two flavours meet giving a delightful hot chocolate recognised by the Great Taste Awards.


magDarkest, Madagascar 82%

Full bodied hot chocolate, low in sugar. Madagascan cocoa is mostly grown in the Sambirano region in family owned farms that many have been looking after generations. Despite the high cocoa content of 82 per cent the high quality trinitario beans lead to a finished drink that isn’t bitter and has a great flavour. Compared to a typical hot chocolate this has a low sugar content. Awarded Great Taste Award 2013.


We also have a great starter pack which includes: 4 display jars with tags, presentation counter mat, wooden tongs, magic whisk and point of sale.

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