We love any excuse to drink coffee!

row of cups

 We are thrilled to stock our new branded Coffee Care cups.  We had to drink a lot of coffee to find a range that we felt was just perfect – from the good sized handles to the stylish offset saucers which have the added benefit of offering plenty of space for biscuits, spoons, sugar sticks, chocolates, or anything else!

 Available in a variety of sizes they are perfect for espressos, cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, mochas or a whole host of alternatives:

Small 3.5oz
Medium 7.5oz
Large 10.5oz
Mug 12oz

And all of them can be used with or without saucers

 But, perhaps most importantly, they provide the assurance that whatever the drink inside, it is going to be of the finest quality, always associated with the Coffee Care name

For more information please call 01756 794811 or email sales@coffeecare.co.uk