Why our coffees are so good!

The most exciting thing about coffee is that its flavours can vary so image 1
greatly depending on its origin, roast, blending and brewing methods.
That’s why we offer a large range of coffees with different roast levels,
from dark roasted espresso blends to medium roasted blends and
single origin beans.

Here at Coffee Care, our coffees are classed as speciality coffees. We
source the highest grade Arabica coffees which are more complex in
flavour and depth and have a better mouth feel and aftertaste.

Arabica and Robusta are types of coffee plant. Arabicas produce higher
quality coffees with better flavour, especially very high grown Arabicas.
Robustas tend to have high bitterness and low acidity but are very easy to
care for and have a greater crop yield and can grow at lower altitudes.

But, the climate and conditions at higher altitudes mean the coffee cherries
develop and ripen at a slower rate which allows greater time for more
complex flavours like fruity citrus acidity to develop in the bean.

Speciality coffees are hand-picked and carefully sorted to remove any unripe
cherries, defective, damaged or insect affected ones which if not removed can
add unpleasant flavours. They are then processed, removing the bean from
the cherry in a careful way which maintains and enhances the original flavour.

Our purpose built roastery has many levels of quality control to ensure the
coffees remain at their natural best without any deterioration in flavour. Our
roasting is carried out by highly skilled professionals, using advanced
equipment to maintain quality.

We specialise in blending coffees from all around the world. By bringing
different beans and roasts together we can take opposing flavours from
single origins and combine them to create a smooth and unified taste.

The specialist packaging used at our roastery is designed to keep the coffee
at its finest and we roast on a weekly basis so that our stocks of coffee
are always fresh.

All these factors are required to allow the coffee to be classed as speciality
grade. We can add to this over 30 years of supporting customers with
our experience and knowledge to ensure that the coffees and the service
we provide are exceptional.