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Diamant 3 Group Standard
Diamant 3 Group Standard


Diamant is an exclusive espresso machine that is fully-equipped with technical innovations and high-class finishing touches. Diamant was created to draw attention, both to its beautiful design and genuine quality. It can be ordered in custom colours and with the equipment you want.

The 3 Group Diamant comes with an aluminium frame with pearl finish and stainless steel details. It has a 17.5 litre copper boiler as standard, 3 steam arms, including two standard ones and one equipped with a temperature sensor and 2 hot water taps. The steam arms are heat insulated and do not get hot when used.

As an optional extra it also comes with separate steam boilers for each brew group. The machine is equipped with an advanced PID-sensor system for exact brewing temperature. These fittings allow you to adjust the temperature individually for each brew group. The result is a perfect espresso that reveals the unique character of the espresso bean.